Isn The Loltraktor Chronicles -- March of the MS-1 - Page 1
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March of the MS-1 - Page 1

4th Jan 2012, 5:50 AM

March of the MS-1 - Page 1
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Wallachia on 4th Jan 2012, 5:50 AM

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Hardest. Update. Ever. It even surpasses the time where I had to redo another page 14 times (The Ultimate Nemesis - Page 4).

Well, I got a new laptop. It runs World of Tanks beautifully, but the screenshots are borked. They look like a matrix interface so, until I settle this thing I will still need 3rd party help.

Seriously, it took me SIX HOURS to get this page ready.

New Style

You like the new style? A Little surprise I had ready for year 2. NOW the year 2 officially begins, ha! If it looks good I will keep using it from now on. If you like it, thanks Not Your Friend for his proeficiency with the comic making software and the way the last page looks pro compared to my old style.

Angry Wallachia

Last week I toppled over a webcomic called Spinnerette. The way it blatantly copies the usual superhero comics with manga style and adds NOTHING to it, plus the daring they had to call it a "parody", simply pissed me off. I wish I could bash the author's head against the table until he learsn how to say "Arty is OP" in 17 languages.

Although the new trend is to say "T-59" is OP.

Loltraktor Book


Will upload pics during the course of the next days. Shall even include my face just for the lolz.

Loltraktor TV is coming!

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